Sooo Happy Belated Holidays! Lol...
My break has been pretty uneventful thus far. I'm kinda boring, I a sense that I'd rather be at home or in a lounuge somewhere listening to music, or writing, than out partying and clubbing. So during the holidays, I'm content staying in, vibing with family. And my iTunes library. So that's exactly what I did. Also, there was a Criminal Minds marathon on A& KNOW I was glued to the television all day lol. 
My baby brother came to town and spent the week with me. {BTW, as I typed that last sentence, I realized that it's after midnight, which means it's my baby brother's 15th birthday. I stop typing my blog and call him, and this ninja doesn't even answer the phone! SMH!} He just went home today, which means my home is back to no more stinky socks and food wrappers everywhere. Don't ask.
My hair is kinda beginning to take on a life of it's own. But I like it... It's getting big, and free, I love it. Sometimes I think about feeding it a taste of that creamy crack, but the progress my hair's made isn't worth it. So I'll keep loving my big, gorgeous curls! Lol.
I've been watching the movie Love Jones like every night's almost becoming a compulsion. The strange part is that I watch the movie as much for the music as I do for the film itself. Have you ever listened to the Love Jones Soundtrack? I love it! It's been in heavy rotation... It even has Darius & Nina's poems from the movie. Larenz Tate is still the blues in our left thighs and trying to become the funk in our right.... that man... lol. My favorite Coltrane-featured piece (In a Sentimental Mood) is also on the soundtrack, and that makes me smile with my heart.

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