UnGRATEful B*tches...♥

The stupidity that seeps from peoples' mouths never ceases to amaze me.
OK, so I have this cousin who attends my school. She's a sophomore, though. Young and dumb. And lazy. Spoiled. All that good stuff...
So anyway, we didn't really fall out, I kinda just cut her off a month or two ago, because she's one of those people who only calls/texts/facebooks you when they need something. I don't play that. I have no children, and it's enough work taking care of myself. Why the hell would I waste my life taking care of you too? I mean, it started off small. Asking for a ride here and there, which irritates me enough as it is. But this chick had the audacity to ask me if she could borrow one of my TVs. Seriously?? My first thought: What the hell kinda crackhead azz question is that?? People ask to borrow ink pens, or flat irons (and that's pushing it)....but a TV?? So I politely told her no. I don't have a TV you can borrow. We haven't really talked since then, which quite frankly is fine with me. 
Fast forward:
I stop to see my Daddy before I left my hometown last weekend. He tells me that over Thanksgiving dinner, he was asking how everyone was doing in school and whatnot, and he asked my cousin if she'd found a job yet. Her response was that she hadn't found a job because I wasn't helping her, and she couldn't work at the mall because if she did, I wouldn't take her and pick her up from work. 
Now...at this point, I'm laughing. And it wasn't a "Wow, that's hilarious" laugh...it was more like one of those laughs some of us get before we commence to hurting somebody's feelings, and calling them everything but a child of God. I was LiVid!
1) Why are you talking ish about me to our family, making me look like this evil ass meanie?
I know, my family knows me enough to see through her BS, but still...it's the principle.
2) You're a damn lie!
Hell, I've done everything but fill out the freakin' applications and go on interviews for your ass! WTF?? Prime example:: I was chatting with a girl in my class who works at the student rec center, and she mentioned that they were looking to hire freshmen and sophomores who'd be able to work for a couple years, instead of having to hire and train new people each semester. Perfect for her! It's on campus (she has no car) and it's easy (all they have to do is like swipe people's ID when they enter the rec)...what more could you ask for?? 
Told her about the job opening, even told her that she could apply online! Spoke to her a few weeks later and guess what? She'd never even pursued it. 
Then you sit and tell people I'M not helping you? B*tch please. SMH. Don't even get me started on the "she won't take me and pick me up" comment. Once again, SMH...


  1. It's a direct reflection of her immaturity and her dependency on others...hopefully she grows out of it and gets it together. Some take longer than others............

  2. bWAHAHAH the gall of some people never ceases to amaze me. You should whip out a bus schedule next time you see her. Tell her all about the routes that will get her to and fro. LOL

  3. EMH: I hope so too. For her own sake. It's funny how she's too immature to get up and get a job, yet she wants to lay her "grown" butt up in the bed all day everyday with her carless, jobless boyfriend! SMH

    Selah: Yeah, because hell she'd be too lazy to do that for herself, too!

    BB: I know lol...

  4. Why wont you help her?!?! LOL Borrowing a tv might just be crossing the line.

  5. Lol @ Rashan...had she asked, I would have surely given her my reasonings...

    1. I have two TVs. One is in my bedroom. I like to watch TV when I go to bed. She can't have it. The other is huge, and it was my mother's. I don't give my mama's stuff away to anyone, point blank period lol!

    2. She needed the TV because she said her brother (who goes to school here also) came to her dorm and TOOK her TV to use in his apt. What you callin me for? Call your mama!!!

    3. Speaking of her mama, since their home is like my second home back in my hometown, I happen to know that there are PLENTY of televisions stored there, not being used. Why should I give you one of mine that I use each day? Once again, CALL YOUR MAMA! Lol.



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