I feel like music should make you fall in love again everytime you hear it... Or, at least your favorite music. Some stuff just serves a specific purpose. I have music that I only have on my iPod to keep me awake in the car when I have an early class or work shift, or when I have a long drive...I have stuff on there that I strategically add just to appease others who may ride in my car with me, because I absolutely refuse to subject myself to the radio, so I feel the need to compromise. Apparently everyone can't appreciate my mix of Jay-Z, Coltrane, Paramore, Jill Scott, Backstreet Boys, etc. That's fine, though. Lol. 
With that said, I love being at home because I have the freedom of my iTunes library. I don't have to pick and choose what I listen to... I just let it play. Of late, I've had a few things in heavy rotation:

Love Jones soundtrack
All of Raheem Devaughn's albums...yes, I'm officially addicted.
Alicia's first two albums (Songs in A Minor, Diary of A. Keys)
Boyz II Men's Cooleyhighharmony
Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics
Talib Kweli's Quality
Destiny's Child's Writings on the Wall (this is always in heavy rotation, and no one can convince me that this isn't the best album Beyonce & 'nem ever did.)
Hinder's Extreme Behavior
Jay's Black Album
Ne-Yo's In My Own Words
Pink's Can't Take Me Home
Lauryn Hill's Unplugged album (phenomenal, in my opinion!)



  1. Yes Yes Yes to al lat! (except Talib cuz I've been sleeping on him for a minute. Idk that cd lol) ... Writings on the wall IS their best cd. If not for the music, then for the fact that I can just imagine what happened when Latavia and Latoya turned on MTV and saw the Say My Name Video and some other heffa was in it, and NOT them. LOL

  2. Lma000oooo....that had to have been priceless. I remember feeling bad for them. I was kinda pissed too, especially because the new chicks didn't even sound or look as good as the originals. Then the one chick just vanished! WTF? How's the replacement gonna skip out? Lol.
    But you def need to stop sleeping on Kweli... I adore him! Have you ever heard his song 'Get By'? That's off the Quality album...

  3. *high five* yes girl! The only ones Im not familar with is Talib and Hinder(I dont know much about Talib & I've never heard of Hinder). Oh and Destiny's Child...I will admit Writings on the Wall was a nice album though.

  4. is it that song "just to get by... just to get by" ... If so, I probably have. He had a performance at my school this year and I KNEW I shoulda went... but I was being lazy. Hell, I'm not even sure I'm pronouncing his name right lol

    p.s. everytime I come to your site I always read "ain't she weavey" lmao. then I correct myself. LOL

  5. Yes, that's the song your thinking of Selah lol...

    Jaye: Check out Hinder... their a great band. I love their songs 'Lips of an Angel' and 'Get Stoned'...great guitar instrumentation... love them! ♥

  6. that music list bumping. i think music depicts whatever mood a person is in. i remember i was involved with a chick a few years back and my whole music library took a turn toward totally love songs anythings from 60s and 70s toward present times. also that lauryn hill unplugged album was riding too...it was really heavy in some points, but it was nice...

    currently though i've been out of my love element and just listening to flat out rap though. nice blog



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