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Soo I had to ween myself from blogger for a hot sec, in order to...you know...study and junk like that. I just finished a research paper on genocide for my Hate Crimes class and during my research I found this quote that's been on my mind ever since: "Do they want another 6,000,000 deaths before they can be ashamed again?" --David Nzaligo, Tanzania. The quote is referring to the UN and their slow ass reluctant response to the Darfur Conflict due to the fact that there was no "genocidal intent". Apparently if the word genocide isn't absolute, the UN isn't legally obligated to intervene...isn't that some BS? I feel Mr. Nzaligo's frustration here...When hundreds of thousands of people are being killed, who the hell cares what it's called?? Fix it! No one has time for you to be playing Scrabble with words and ish! The things humans do to one another will never cease to amaze me. That paper really took a lot out of me, I had to take mad breaks during the research phase...but I got it done. Might be one of the best papers I've written since I've been in college! 
Anywho, I finally settled on a schedule for Spring '10...after about 30 readjustments lol. I'm so excited. In January I'll be taking Criminal Profiling, Human Sexuality, Clinical Psych, Research in Clinical Psych, and Issues in Crime... finally, some worthwhile stuff...I'm so sick of core classes IDK what to do! 
Gotta go, Criminal Minds is on!

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