My Rant of the Day...♥

I am soooooo irritated!!!
It's colder than a b*tch outside and I came to campus to the library (which is, of course, a hot mess during the last 2 weeks of the semester) to knock a couple papers out. When I'm at home, I start off good but then I end up taking a nap. Or eating...then taking a nap. Or watching Criminal Minds. Or all of the above. Basically, I end up doing everything except writing the paper. One time I went to throw something away and ended up cleaning my entire the middle of writing a paper lol. I digress...
Anyway, I get to the library, find me a corner on the third floor, away from the skeezers who get dressed to come to the library because this is where all the Black dudes are this time of year...and away from the boys who are here looking at the skeezers... and I go on my class website...only to find that the freakin' professor hasn't even posted the instructions for the essay. UGH!!! He's such a freakin' spazz! One of the essays is due tomorrow, and the other is due next Thursday. We only have class once a week. Why is it that nothing ever gets posted when it's supposed to? I feel like a kid who's dad is always telling her he's gonna do something but then when the time comes, it's never done. SMH. Oh well... guess I'll facebook or something until I feel like getting up and going back out into the cold to get to my car. 


  1. I used to always write my papers the night before they were due, no matter how long I knew about them in advance. Yeah, I'm a procrastinator. I used to hate when professors would be all late with the instructions, even though I wouldn't write it until the last minute anyway.

  2. I HATE when profs don't do their job.



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