My First Love...♥

On facebook, I recently added a girl who went to church with me years ago. She's about 15 or 16 I think (couldn't tell exactly because you know the young'ns don't put their birth year on their profiles). Anyway, yesterday she changed her relationship status from 'In a Relationship' to 'Engaged' to her lil' boyfriend.
At first I was irritated, as I am everytime I see someone overestimating their relationship status on there. No ring? No proposal? No wedding date? You're not engaged. No marriage license? You aren't married. Simple as that. No commitment? You aren't even in a relationship. But I digress...
Then I started thinking about the boyfriend I had during high school. We were together for my entire sophomore and junior year of high school. We were basically one of those "forever" looking couples. Clearly two years is a looonnnngggg time in high school. If I had a facebook back then, I'd have probably been one of the girls with 'Engaged to __________' on her profile lol.
We broke up after a series of unfortunate events during the summer before senior year. He ended up dropping out, becoming a weedhead I think, and...yeah. Last I heard, he'd knocked a chick up and he, said chick, and their offspring were living in his mama's house.
It's crazy, because of course no one could tell me at the time that this guy wasn't gonna be my man FOREVER lol. I don't doubt that I loved him or anything like that. I don't regret the relationship. It taught me a lot. Good and bad.  It's just crazy to me how life works out. My mom abhorred this dude. I mean she couldn't STAND  him! Somehow moms just know. Even though I didn't think it was fair of her to judge him, everything she predicted came to pass. Our demise. His demise. All that.
How often do we end up marrying our first loves? I don't know many people, especially of my generation, who have become lasting high school sweethearts. To me, that's stuff from storybooks and movies. I'd love to meet a couple like that, who's living it. Happily. None of that 'oh, we were high school sweethearts then she got pregnant so our parents made us get married and now we can't stand each other' ish. Like real, legit, long-lasting first loves.
It's crazy because I've never referred to this guy as my first love until right now, in this post. I always say 'my high school boyfriend' because he was the only relationship I had during high school. It was that serious, lol. Now I can't even say his name. I used to dwell on the memories back then. Now they're tucked away in some secure part of my LTM (long-term memory) and believe me, they aren't retrieved too often. Actually, ever. Until people who knew us as an 'Us' bring the relationship up. To this day, people from my alma mater STILL ask me about him. Five years after the fact. I haven't spoken to him since then. There was no backtracking, none of that. I'm good at the whole severing ties thing. Especially when I'm hurt. Still though, funny how life happens.
Yep, that's some mid-day depth for y'all lol...


  1. when i was younger my fantasy was to marry my high school sweetheart. i was with my highschool bf for about 6 years (on and off), even now, we are still very close and who knows, we may still get married.
    first loves are beautiful, and has the promise of forever, and mourned when gone.


  2. .... yeeaaa this post is hittin a Lil TOO close to home for me (just replace high school sweetheart with college) ... so I'ma say "awwwww" to your sitch and keep it movin. (*sigh*)

    Oh, and be glad you're not livin at his mama house. lol



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