Live Saturday Night♥

Sooo today was a great day! I got called into work at the last minute, but I wasn't complaining because 1) I got paid lol and 2) I got to meet and host our in-store event for Priscilla Renea!! I had so much fun, and I love that our company (Hot Topic, Inc) does 'listening parties' for great artists, who are either established or up-and-coming, For those who haven't heard of her, Priscilla Renea is a pop artist who was discovered on YouTube. 
She writes, sings, and plays the guitar (which, in my eyes, makes anyone amazing!) and on top of all that, she's adorable! She was really sweet and mellow, I hope she stays that way and doesn't become one of those diva-ish chicks, because I can tell she's on her way to becoming a bigger star than she already is! It was soo cute to see her fans lined up in the food court of our mall watching Priscilla perform, as well as in our store to get pictures and autographs. We took mad pics with her, but IDK I guess we have to wait until the photographer gets them back to us or whatever...or maybe some will pop up on her MySpace or something. If I see any floating around, I'll post. Anyway, I don't see how people in the industry do it, because she was completely patient and sweet to every single person who came through the door, and those screaming lil' girls were enough to drive a mutha crazy! They were adorable, though, excitedly talking about hanging their autographed posters in their bedrooms and their lockers at school... I got me a poster too lol :-) 
Then I got to attend The Listening, which is kind of an open mic night every Saturday for rappers, singers, and poets. It's held in an art gallery, which I love, and it's just great to go out and do something different on Saturday nights, because the club scene got really old really fast for me! It's fun to hang out with people my age who are interested in more than the latest Gucci lyric and making it rain on h*es at the club, buying bottles they know they can't afford! I digress... Anyway, excuse my hot messness in this pic, I looked way cuter earlier, but it was a long day lol. This is after to wardrobe changes and all the jewelry being removed lol. I'm still cute though! 
I should probably be working on my final paper for my Hate Crimes class... One more week of classes, 1 final, then this semester is over! Praise Him! Lol 


  1. Sounds like something my little niece would listen too, but I can tell she has talent. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Lol, there were a bunch of teeny bops coming in for autographs, but she's got some songs that I really like, and I love guitar music so she's cool in my book!



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