I'm soooo OVER it! Part II♥

A couple weeks ago, I posted a list of things that I'm utterly sick of and that I wish I could throw off the side of a steep cliff. This is a continuation of that list.

11. Twilight; True Blood; Anything else that has to do with vampires, blood sucking, fangs, etc. For those of us who made it through the Buffy/Angel era, this is kinda the epitome of overkill. We get it!
12. Twitter. Yay! We've found a way to stalk people, feed attention whores, and cram thoughts into a tiny box of limited characters... simultaneously!
13. Using the recession as a cop-out. Clearly the economic state of the nation is a hot mess right now, but if I see one more person riding around in a tricked out car, with labels from head to toe, talking about their babies don't have anything to eat because it's a recession and they had to cut back on groceries... SMH.
14. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. We get it. You've had an irregular period your entire life, and you sat on the toilet one day but a human fell out instead of poop. Thaaaaaaat's nice. Next!
15. Terrence and Rocsi. AKA one of the reasons I haven't watched 106th & Park in years. Why do they sound like that? Who can listen to that for an hour and a half each day?? I have to turn the channel when their commercials come on!
16. Republicans. I wish you'd just shut up. If you don't like this statement, I'll try to pretend like I care.
17. Those piercings above the corner of peoples' lips that look like shiny boogers. I don't like them. So much so that I didn't even bother to look up the technical name for them. Just know that when I look at you, my mind is picturing you sneezing, snotting, then missing a spot when you wipe it away with the side of your hand.
18. Celebrity babies. I'm sure seeing a wiggly bundle of joy is all the rage for some people...but to me a baby is a baby. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between these babies and any other ones rolling around the 'hood in a stroller. Especially the white ones. These people get paid millions of dollars for folks bidding on pictures of their babies! Way to pimp 'em out before the afterbirth is cleaned up!
19. Sex Tapes. When will these idiots learn??? I don't care if you're in love, in lust, in the same swingers' club, married, in an open relationship, it's complicated, or whatever...these things have the potential to get leaked. The more famous you are, the higher that probability becomes. Just stop! Repeat after me: Press record.Get laid.Press play.Watch tape.Delete/Destroy.Lather.Rinse.Repeat.
20. Homewreckers. Do you know how many dudes and chicks there are in the world? Damn, find one, and sit down somewhere! There'd be a lot less AIDS cases, assaults, bleached clothes, keyed up cars, and "oops" babies if everybody would stop being greedy and sit down somewhere!


  1. SMH at pretty much all of these things... and Don't get me started on my anti-twitter rants LOL

    Have you ever seen an episode of "i didn't know i was pregnant"? I've heard of it, but never saw one -- it's kind of unappealing in my opinion. And they're kind of dumb in my OTHER opinion. LOL

    oh, and "shiny boogers"? ... *cackles*

  2. I've seen one episode, plus commercials/previews for others...and they're all about some twit who had an irregular period and randomly popped out a baby one day! Lol!

  3. 11. I liked the first season of true blood, the second was wack. All the rest I've never seen. Buffy and Angel rock.

    12. Twitter is the new #1 spreader of ignorance. I wish some people weren't allowed to talk or type.

    LOL @ shiny boogers.. I would comment more, but I got 3 more posts to comment on here. LOL

  4. I loved your list. ROFL!
    from a confessed twiddict.



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