Hey, Loves!! ♥

I'm baaccckkkk!!!
Didja miss me??
Lol... but really. I have to get back into blog mode! It's been so long!
Thanks to all of you who wished me good luck on my finals last week! I appreciated it, and perhaps it worked since so far I've gotten all As and one B! You guys are like my cyber good luck charms lol! 
My next order of business is getting to Iowa to see my love before spring semester begins. I've never been on a plane before (well, I have but I was super young, and I don't remember at all, so it doesn't count to me lol) and I just looked at like a billion different websites, pricing flights and whatnot... the cheapest one I saw was about 370 bux. Say what?? I mean can I get like a college student-month before Black History Month-never gotten a traffic ticket-first time flyer discount?? Dude... I'm in college. Do you know what I could do with 370 bucks? Lol. So back to the drawing board. I just don't know if I'm up for that long azz drive! Last winter break my love had a wrestling meet at Cleveland State (my hometown) so I just met him there and we drove to Iowa together. Made kind of a road trip of it (stopped here and spent the night at my apartment, went to Chicago the next day to see his family, then finished the drive to IA). It was fun. I drove back by myself (made a pit stop and spent the night at his family's house) and it wasn't horrible but ugh... lol. IDK if I can do it again! Hell, if I hadn't done it before I wouldn't believe I'd have been able to do it! Lol. I really wanna see him though. I hate it that athletes get like no break between semesters. *sigh* Such is the life of long-distance lovers....

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  1. aw!!! sounds adorable girl. i love roadtrips!!!



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