Happy 100! ♥

So I wanted to talk about something extra special for my 100th Post...but guess what? I'm tired. I just don't feel like it....so I'm not lol. All at once my job decides to give me more hours (which I'm definitely not turning down), I'm irritated because I haven't seen my love since August and I'm not sure when I'll get the chance, people are getting on my damn nerves left and right (yes, more than usual), professors STILL can't seem to do their freakin' jobs correctly, and all this during finals week at school. Therefore, I'll be kinda stingy with the blogs for a little while. Just didn't want you guys to think I'd fallen off the face of the earth or something lol!


  1. Hang in there chica -- xmas break is just around the corner. And I bet the boo is missing you just as much, so it's all good!

  2. Aiight, get your paper, and get your grades. i'll be around when you get back.

  3. GIRL....focus on what school and what you need to get done!!! It's the end of the semester!!! Finish up strong and enjoy break :-)

  4. happy 100! whoot whoot!
    i'm fiercely loyal, so you'll see me (but don't stay away too long)




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