Give Me the Real...♥

So I was FB status stalking the other day, and I came across this girl's FB status that mentioned how she hates when females let men put them through so much BS in relationships, and still try to act like everything is all perfect. This made me stop and SMH, only because this girl is the EPITOME of letting men run over her. She adds her two cents to everyone else's relationship (including mine), yet anything you say about her hot mess relationship(s) is wrong, and rude, and not called for. 
What's with all this fake ish? What happened to relationships that were real, and meaningful to the people involved? I look around and it seems like so many people are hung up on presenting this picture-perfect image of what a relationship should be, that they're completely dismissing the dysfunctional actuality of the relationships they're in. I honestly try not pry in friends' relationships. I make comments when input or opinions are asked of me, but other than that I steer clear. I learned the hard way, because when my bf and I became a couple, I was that girl who always told her friends about everything pertaining to our relationship, and at times I'd dismiss my gut instincts because of the opinion of someone outside my relationship. At some point you realize that your relationship with your significant other should be just that... between you and your significant other. Just be together. Do what makes you happy as a couple. Hold each other down. If things progress and your relationship is successful, that's amazing. If it doesn't, get out and move on. But don't stay in a situation you know is unhealthy just because you don't want people to feel a certain way about YOUR relationship. Outside opinions can seriously cloud our judgement and make us see things that aren't there, or ignore things that are there. Sometimes I just want to shake people and tell them, "You deserve better". But the fact is, if people don't believe this then telling them until I'm blue in the face is not going to matter.


  1. i stopped talking to my friends about my 'relationship' because as much as i may tell them, they don't know our 'relationship' first hand. great contemplation girl.


  2. I absolutely're right as rain on a hot day. lol. I don't volunteer advice...I respond to questions. I too have made the mistake of giving people too much input into my relationship and all it does is weaken your bond with your mate. Nice blog.

  3. Yes, ladies, that's exactly the situation I went through. I think life is so much easier once you figure these types of things out lol.

  4. It doesn't get any better as you get older. Unfortunately, there are always people that will defend their toxic relationships, while trying to tell you about yours. Good thing you learned early about telling all your business.

  5. I completely agree . . . people need to handle their own relationships and everything that goes along with it. No one and no relationship is perfect but there is a difference between a toxic relationship and going through something that will make the relationship stronger. The girl probably comments and always has something to say because unfortunately misery loves company.



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