Get Your Life Together!!♥

First of all, I'm trying super hard to work on my tolerance of stupidity...but part of me feels like I shouldn't have to. Lol. Sometimes I feel like a lot of peoples' parents must feel when they're trying to tell their kid something valuable but are getting that 'I'm-talking-to-a-brick-wall' feeling. Some things are just stupid.
One of the seasonals working at my store is sooo obsessed with creating some picture-perfect life that it's annoying. The girl is 20 years old. She's already living with her 'fiance' (whom she's been with for a year), planning their wedding for next year, and is on the list for adopting a child. SERIOUSLY??

1) You can't even get into a freaking bar yet. Why are you doing all this?
2) Her 'fiance' doesn't seem nearly as caught up with all this as she does.
3) I don't think he's 21 yet, either. Does she not realize that by the time next year gets here, both of them may be two very different people?? I mean I'm newly 21, but I know for sure that I'm not the same person I was a year ago. This point of life is full of transitioning...
4) Why the HECK are you on the adoption list??? You're working a seasonal position, minimum wage in retail. Is this baby going to come with a rich sponsor?? SMH. 
5) If I hear her talking about her damn wedding one. more. time. 
6) I almost smacked her because she looked at me like I was crazy when she asked me how long my bf and I have been together, then looked at me crazy when I said we weren't getting married until we were both done with school and living stable lives. Umm that so wrong?? Lol. Weirdo. 


  1. #4 kills me! LMAO...i have no words!

  2. That's crazy wack. I doubt she'll get the baby working seasonally, and being so young. But what's to stop her from getting knocked up? This is why I dont talk to people.

  3. Lol.
    @Rashan: She wants to have AND adopt children. Apparently just not in that order. SMH... I'm just mad that she's taking up a slot on the list from someone who'd actually be able to take care of a baby! And shouldn't there be an age limit? I think there should be.



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