Today's Randomness...♥

Soo I just caught Saw VI with my bestie, and I loved it!
These writers are dope. How many other movies can successfully boast 5 sequels?? Most movies start to become whack after a trilogy is completed! I'd gladly watch a Saw movie every year for the rest of my days, if they keep bringing it like this! I still can't look at that lil Billy doll, though. Scares the crap out of me. I don't do clowns, or any variation of them. I can't believe the Jigsaw character made that thing for his baby! I'm grown and that thing gives me the heebie jeebies! Lol.

I'm so glad I did my homework before going to the movies lol.
Procrastination is a big problem for me, but one of my courses is part in-class, part online so our homework assignment every Monday is to write a blog entry lol. Needless to say, those aren't usually a problem.

I'm watching this week's episode of I Want to Work for Diddy 2 and as much as this show sucks, I have a slight addiction to reality television, so here I am. Poprah...ahh, how the airwaves have missed your curly weave and sweet persona... All I need is my fix of H*es, Strippers, and Slutpuppies For the Love of Ray J and I'm good for the night!

Happy Monday (even though it's pretty much over!)

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