Things that Make Me Itch♥

1. Plies
This includes his physical appearance, his voice, and his catch phrases (i.e., "it's Pliiiiiiiiiiies Baaaaaaaaaaaby")
2. Nicki Minaj's voice
3. The old pedophile from Family Guy
4. Things with more than four legs
5. Lil' Wayne's face
6. Dancing Midgets (or Little People, if you're into all that PC stuff)
7. Shaq's lazy eye
8. Orange hair
9. Dirty sneakers
10. Jeans that are ratty and stringy at the bottom, and drag on the floor
11. Dreds on white people...I'm sorry. I just can't...
12. Velour jogging suits (not wearing them, looking at other people wearing them)
13. Old people with hair growing out of their ears
14. Feet (I don't care how smooth, pretty, or attractive you THINK they are. They're still feet. Ugh)
15. People with loose dentures
16. People with ill-fitting dentures
17. Coogi
18. Liquid leggings
19. Olives
20. Girls who wear K-swiss to the club (yes, they do that. Here. )
21. Gucci Mane and anything remotely associated with him
22. Lips that are 7 shades darker than the face they inhabit
23. White eyeliner
24. Khia. No explanation needed.
25. Pants or shorts with writing across the butt
26. People who take pics and post them on the web with their background looking a mess (i.e., no sheets on the mattress, unflushed toilet, overflowing trash bins, etc. Nasty.)


  1. "Jeans that are ratty and stringy at the bottom"

    ^^ that right there is the gospel TRUF. My ex-bf dressed VERY well. Now when men try to approach me, I examine everything about their style of dress -- I can't go from a GQ boyfriend to a bum. And jeans with raggedy cuffs = bum. It's like nagga you can't just CUFF those? Or buy the right size? Or get em tailored? iCant with those men. lol

  2. haha, right! I'm like I know you feel those pants dragging when you walk... why pay for jeans just to get them all ratty? Be having mud and grossness getting caught all in the rattiness lol....just ugh.

  3. Good list.. I'd have to add Jim Jones. He just looks dirty. LOL

  4. Thanks, Rashan!
    Jim Jones definitely slipped under my radar, but he does look he doesn't bathe, and sweats a lot, and like things might live in his hair lol...



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