T.G.I.A.B.F.A. (Thank Gawd it Ain't Black Friday Anymore) ♥

1) My grandma loves me SOO much that she made me my own mini Thanksgiving dinner to take back to my home, since I missed actual Thanksgiving Day here with the family. (I live in a different city, and decided it would be whack to drive to my hometown and have to go right back for my 6 AM Black Friday shift at work)
2) Speaking of Black Friday, how is it that thee brokest, complaining-est people (everything coming out of their mouths is preceeded by "It's a recession!") had the money to come to the mall and shop yesterday?? As I watched people walk around like zombies, looking like they rolled out of the pits of Hell bed and into the mall, I'm thinking Hmm, I wonder which of your bills you DIDN'T pay with that money you're up here spending...We all know how people around here love to prioritize!!
3) It was so amusing to see all these women in and out of stores, while their men were sitting in the seats in the main walkways of the mall, or even curled up asleep in the corner. No, really. Knocked out. Wish I'd taken a picture lol.
4) Why subject small children to the pandemonium of Black Friday? It's 6am. Just because your grown self is wide awake, all hyped up about some miscellaneous sales doesn't mean that your kid is. So don't be surprised when he/she/they start walking around like zombies with their eyes half closed, drooling, crying "Mommy I wanna go to sleep!"
5) I was watching the news last night and this was one of the stories. Basically, a couple who met while waiting in line for Black Fridy a few years ago decided to make a traditon out of it. So they got married. In the line. Outside Best Buy. They also plan to spend all their anniversaries in line. Cool, right?? Ol' dude never has to worry about the wrong anniversary gift, or forgetting his anniversary! Didn't even have to splurge on a crazy wedding! Shout out to the recession! Message: Forget a wedding, buy a flatscreen!


  1. I'm just mad you had to work on Black Friday smh. Did you at least get some holiday pay? I hope so lol

    And ummm as cute as that story seemed, I would not be partaking in a wedding outside of Best Buy. Ta hell with that... I have dreams of a garden wedding. Sorry bruh. lol

  2. no, girl no holiday pay... I'm really thinking about quitting this job because it's way more stress and inconvenience than it's worth... Or I'll probably find a "real" job lol, and keep this one as my secondary...

    And I was lmao @ the Best Buy wedding... hey, nothin else to do while camping outside of a department store. Why not get married? Lmao... next year they'll have a candlelit dinner table celebrating their anniversary in the line. SMH...

  3. Dang :/ No holiday pay means I woulda been a grumpy wench all day. good thing you're not me. LOL.

    candlelit dinner in line? iCan't. Like I said, that's cute for them lol... for me? Naw bruh.

  4. Yeah, I had an attitude. Had to put my fake salesgirl smile on...

  5. You know the broke people is already spending their tax money. They gonna just let it ride til Jan 1st and hit up the refund anticipation loans.

    I met my girlfriend on blogger, does that mean I can get married online? Somehow, I dont think the best buy thing would work for me. LOL

  6. lmao, yeah you know income tax is like Christmas part 2 for some folk...SMH...

    aww, you met Jameil on Blogger? How sweet!



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