Shout Out

to former crushes who get upset with you because
1) you won't add them on Facebook,
2) you politely decline their advances (made via Facebook messages), and
3) they realize after being completely out of your life for 5 years....that you could have been the best thing that ever happened to them.

Sucka. {but part of me is smiling inside lol}


  1. Yes, yes and YES. Stuff like that makes me wanna shout: "How you like me NOW!!"

    or, better yet... "Back then they aint want me. Now i'm hot, they all on me!" lololol

  2. Lol!! Why was I thinking about including that in the post, but then I thought about how much I utterly despise Mike Jones' "music" lol...

    but I was singing it in my head, tho! Lol!!

  3. I don't even know any other Mike Jones songs, but this one serves its purpose. Either way -- it's always when you realize that someone else has realized how great you are. Even if it's belated. lol



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