I think I may be addicted to spending money. I thought I had to work tonight, but I didn't, but I still ended up at the mall (where I work) anyway lol. I bought some cute stuffs... like this cute studded halter, some long lace gloves (LoVE!!!!), and this zebra halter that's clearly been waiting on me to buy it. It was the last one, and it's been in the store for like weeks, and it was my size. In my eyes, Jesus wanted me to buy it! And who am I to go against that??  I also bought these boots the other day, and I should have waited until today since it was employee appreciation weekend (50% off) for Torrid employees, but my anxious self wanted to wear my boots yesterday lol, so oh well... they're so comfy, BTW!
Anyways, I got all that stuff from my store, and afterwards I went across the way to Sephora and I bought some shadow brushes and....*drumroll* the Urban Decay Book of Shadows (vol 2) !! I'm clearly in love...I've worn glasses like my entire life (no, really) up until this past summer, so I'd never bothered to venture into the world of makeup. I didn't think anyone would notice or care about my eye makeup, even if it was hidden behind my fly ass Dolce & Gabbana frames! Sooo what better way to get it poppin' than with Urban Decay? They came highly recommended, so I picked up a set and, as mentioned, fell in love!


  1. addicted to retail, huh? I wish I had the opportunity to be addicted. Unfortunately I'm broke as hell. My mission is saving. So until then... I'ma side-eye this post with jealousy. lmao.

  2. Lol, I probably need to be doing that too...ugh. Saving. Yeah.... I come from a long line of chronic shoppers lol. I'm working on it though!
    THe first step to fighting my addiction is admitting I have a problem!

  3. One day at a time, one day at a time. lol
    My mom's idea of shopping: one pair of shoes for work, one pair of shoes for daily life. Oh and one pair of heels. SMH.
    Somehow I ended up in the middle - not as simple as her, but nowhere near a fashionista. Whatever tho. I'm still cute! hahahah

  4. Lol!! My grandma isn't as crazy as I am with the shopping, but my mom was one of those "I need all of those in every color" women lol...she passed away last year and we're still finding brand new clothes and shoes that were never worn!

    And I'm the same, not a fashionista but I dress cute! I'm not a label whore or a trend tracker either lol...



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