I am beYOND irritated right now!!
I'm the first to admit that I suffer from road rage. It's pretty bad. I'll follow you to your destination just so I can cuss you out. I'll stop and put my car in park if you're riding my a**. I know it's petty, I know many-a-driver have called me all types of b*tches and a*sholes, and I know I should stop since there are crazy people out there who will bust a cap in that ass if I jump stupid have worse road rage than me...
So, that being said...one time for the old a*s BAT that wants to do 25 down a 40mph street, put on her blinker a foot away from the corner she's about to turn, then take 15 minutes just to turn, causing me and everyone behind her to pretty much have to come to a complete hault. Old bitty.
But I digress...

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