Soooo I was just too excited and I had to tell someone...
I'm in love...
With the show Criminal Minds.
It's like amazingness, wrapped up in awesomeness, with a side of "Oh hell yes!!!" Where has this show BEEN all my life??? Shemar Moore, an underlying love story, AND my dream job (Behavior Analyst/Criminal Profiler)??? Don't play!
I think the episode I just watched (which clearly ended half an hour ago, and I'm still raving about it) is my favorite so far!!
Bottom Line: The team was looking for a killer, who they discovered was a cannibal, and during the search party for the most recently kidnapped victim, the cannibal actually FED the volunteers a chili. Main ingredient: the girl they were searching for! OMG. What???
Lol. So I guess I have this little fascination/intrigue with cannibalism.
The Silence of the Lambs has been my favorite movie pretty much forever. Of course, Hannibal Lecter is my favorite movie character of all time. Not because I think cannibalism is cool or anything....I'm just interested in the cannibal. I'd love to study them!!
So again, I say...OMG!


  1. Ummm EWWWW!

    No chili for Ladynay for a long time! Thanks!

  2. Lol!!! Right... funny thing is that I just had chili earlier today!! I was like ugh!! But that show was still the shit. Lol

  3. I love that show...I've been a fan since it first started a few years ago. The story lines and relationships on the show are quite intriguing :-)

  4. Hmmm...

    I've never seen it but if you put it on the same scale as "amazingness, wrapped up in awesomeness, with a side of "Oh hell yes" then, I'll have to check it out!! LOL

  5. Ms. Behaving: You definitely need to see this show!! I love behavior analysis and subjects like that, so it's right up my alley...

  6. I have a strange fascination with serial killers, but I didn't like that show so much. I only saw like the first few eps when it first came out. People chili (on tv) is awesome!!! LOL

  7. Lol @ people chili!!
    But I love the show. It's like what I wanna be when I grow up (really though) lol... I have a fascination with serial killers, too. My family worries that I'm going to be crazy one day if I pursue this career lol.

  8. Yes m'am that show is pretty vicious. Plus I love me some Shemar Moore in it - for once he's not the self-absorbed pretty boy, and I can finally see him and NOT think Soul Train. LOL

  9. He does look good...I love the little banter between him and Garcia on the show. So cute!

    lmao @ the Soul Train image that just popped into my head lol...



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