No More Drama!♥

I find it pretty interesting that so many people see drama-infested relationships as the ‘norm’ and peaceful, compatible, HEALTHY relationships as the exception. This has become more obvious to me as I’ve grown in my own relationship and watched other friends and/or acquaintances either progress or regress in theirs.

It seems like we’re extremely skeptical of the fact that maybe…just maybe…a relationship can function without infidelity, baby mama/daddy drama, etc. Of course, this skepticism is within reason when it comes to some people lol…but where do we draw the line between entering relationships with a healthy level of wariness and entering with a chip on our shoulder? Furthermore, is that wariness/chip going to follow us into every relationship, or are there certain traits in our potential significant others that bring forth our caution and assumptions? If we have to be wary of every person we date, does that mean the potential S.O.s are the problem? Or are we the problem? If you see the same red flags in every potential S.O., maybe you should change your standards…you might find yourself with a little less stress and distrust.

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