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Life has been pretty Blah for the last few days... despite the inevitable randomness that a college student & sales associate encounters lol... 
HOWEVER... my moment of amusement for the day:
I'm at work, and 3 Black girls come into the store. It's around 11 am...closer to noon maybe, so not too many people have gotten on my damn nerves come into the store thus far. Read: I'm still in a genuinely cheery mood. So these females enter, and I speak to all of them. One stares at me for a second then rolls her eyes, while the others walk around a fixture, to the opposite side of the store. Whatever. I go up to them and ask if I can help them find anything... get ignored again. *enter: wooosah...* So then all three magically find their way to our counter, behind which my manager was standing, doing some paperwork. The counter is also where we keep the stands that hold our rings. So now all three females are standing next to each other in front of the counter, and in front of the rings. Since we'd received shipment this morning, all the slots in the jewelry stand were filled. Clearly we all know what time it is... so I go over to ask the females AGAIN if I can help them, and all of a sudden two of them leave.
So now there's one thievin' ass h*e female left, still looking at the rings in the jewelry holder, and by now a FedEx delivery woman (older white lady) has entered the store, and she left her little push cart thingy in our store's doorway...she's behind the counter talking to my manager, as manager signs for something. All of a sudden, I hear the "customer" speak, and here's the conversation:
"Customer": 'What, you think somebody gon' take somethin from yo store or somethin??"
Manager: ...silence...
FedEx: *looks up*
"Customer": "Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, you watchin' yo stuff like somebody tryna take it!"
FedEx: "Yes, I'm watching my cart..."
"Customer": "Yeah I seen you watchin' my sisters when they left the store like they was gonna take your lil sh*t"
FedEx: "Well, it's kinda my job to keep up with my cart..."
"Customer": "Yeah, you betta be watchin yo stuff...{inaudible ish talking as "customer" exits the store}"

Clearly, this holiday season is off to a kick-ass start already...
PS: After "customer" leaves the store, I go over to the ring stand, just for kicks. Three of the rings are missing, out of a stand that was completely filled. Then people like this wonder why they get treated the way they do in stores. I've learned to not even let them get under my skin, because there is so much more to be irritated about than some skeezers who have to go to the mall to steal a 10-dollar rhinestone ring. 

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  1. i use to work in fashion retail too, so i can relate to your story. it was hella funny!




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