My Blonde Moment of the Day:

I didn't realize that I didn't have the 'Followers' box on my blog... dang, I feel dumb. Maybe that's why I wasn't getting any followers.
I thought it might have been because I sucked at life.
No, I'm kidding. Lol. Clearly, life is my forte!
But really, dang y'all coulda told me! Thanks, Selah (rhymes with Kayla) haha ♥


  1. LMAO Can I "love" this post more than once??

    (had to put that rhymes with Kayla cuz people are always coming at me with some random pronunciation and i'm like NOOOOOOOOO! lmao

  2. Are you sure you don't suck at life? I'm not sure you wanna abandon that thought yet. LOL. At least you have your profile enabled. I can't stand when you read a comment and then click on the name and it says profile not enabled.

  3. lmao!!!! Hey, I'm still somewhat of a newbie, cut me some slack! Lol. I'm a chronic blogger, but still a newbie! :-) hehe



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