Know What Love Is...♥

So I’m shooting my regular at 4pm (watching Tyra) and there’s a woman on there who almost died…yes, DIED…getting hydrogel injections in her butt… What????? Un uh.
I can’t take it.
The worst part of it all is that she even states that 1) She didn’t see anything wrong with herself prior to 2) her THEN boyfriend telling her she should get the injections, and 3) the guy left her after the incident, because he couldn’t hit that anymore. Again, I say…WHAT???
Thank God this woman’s life was spared, but my goodness…I can’t imagine going to those types of lengths for a man. If he’s with you, doesn’t that mean he accepts you and your ass (no matter how big or small, flat or round) as you are?? This woman had children at home, for chrissakes! What if she would have died??? Smh…ladies, learn to love you. You can’t live your life and make life-and-death decisions based on what someone else wants for you (which, really they just want for themselves). I don’t care how fat, skinny, dark, light, dimpled, saggy, or whatever you might be…someone out there will love you. As long as you love yourself enough to recognize what love is…


  1. these but injections confuse me. i keep telling men that they are falling in love with some fake a$$ and i mean FAKE FAKE but they don't hear me.

  2. Right! I don't understand the fascination, I'd personally rather a man bypass me for a woman with a naturally bigger ass than to try to convince me to change mine! That girl on Tyra had no problem with herself, and now she doesnt even wanna leave her house. Because of some man who just wanted to get his lil peepee hard! Smh...



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