It's Barbie, B*tch!♥

So I’m listening to music today, and Keyshia Cole’s “I Should Have Cheated” came up in my iTunes shuffle… Every time I hear that song, I think of it’s video, and the first time I saw Keyshia’s hair (at the time). You remember, the red and blond weave? I’m sure you remember.
Know what I remember? I remember all the hoodrats girl fans going out trying to emulate that same hairstyle. As much as the term “epic fail” irritates me, it must be said. EPIC FAIL! There may be mixed opinions about it, but at the time, I loved the hair on Keyshia. On lil’ Peaches & nem from around the way? Using the dollar pack of hair from the Chinese store? Not so much….
Remember Alicia Keys’ “Fallin” video? Where she’s at the piano and her hair’s all braided and fancy-like, and above each ear there’s the braids that come forward, instead of back like the rest of her braids? Yeah…she worked it. Other attempters? Not so much.
Fast forward to today. Now every girl (and some boys) with some multi-colored clothes, funny-lookin’ glasses, and big weave thinks she/he’s a Barbie doll, just because this Nicki Minaj character started the wanna-be craze. iCan’t.


  1. i was utterly disappointed when I saw her. I mean wtf... lil wayne may look like a roach (lol), but he usually hangs around pretty women (think nivea, trina, lauren london) sooooo wtf is up with signing THIS random named Nicki???????

  2. I'd never even bothered to check her out but once I did, I instantly regretted it. Minus the intrigue factor that Lil' Wayne's success gives her, she's really pretty whack.
    Too each his own, though. Lol.

  3. all of yall are wrong nicki iz de best all yall juss haaterz cause yall aint her soo fall da f**k back

  4. Everyone's entitled to their opinions... lol. But for the record, I'm definitely not upset about not being Nicki Minaj. Looking like a bootleg My Little Pony is not at the top of my wish :-)

  5. Well i guess Nicki is proving everybody in here wrong and her music is great cuz its obviously selling~actions speak louder than words keep it up NICKI!!!



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