I'm soooo OVER it!♥

1. Taylor Swift; as far as I'm concerned, yes she has a nice voice, however most of the people voicing opinions about the Taylor/Kanye fiasco never even knew who the girl was until the fiasco took place. Including myself lol. Therefore, she wasn't on my radar then, still isn't, and won't be. SMH @ people getting famous for getting a reality check about how NOT famous they are lmao. That being said...
2. Award shows... is it just me, or are award shows not what they used to be? They all seem to be a bunch of BS and mess, wrapped in pretty lights and sparkly stuff. I'll pass.
3. The Kardashians... hopefully, no explanation is needed.
4. Club Parties...I'm probably the most non-party-going college student ever...it's not my scene. Looking at the same 45 Black people showing their asses (literally and figuratively) spending refund check money just isn't my cup of tea. Sowwy!
5. Wanna-be rappers... Come on, now. 
6. Joe Jackson... why are we giving this fool any more publicity and attention than necessary? Ugh.
7. Ray-J and his harem of hoes; Why is it always shocking when contestants on these shows turn out to be strippers, prostitutes, call girls, porn stars, all-of-the-aboves, etc? Doesn't someone on the staff get paid to check these things out? Casting directors and such? SMH.
8. Hip-hop beefs. Y'all ain't learned NOTHIN', have you? 
9. Oprah; I'm sorry your show is over. I'm sorry you have nothing to do now except sit at home on your mountains of millions. I'll shed a tear for you.
10. Chicks fighting over dudes...First off, it's tacky. Second, if the shoe were on the other foot, would he be throwing down in the street for you?? Third, the fact that he's letting you throw down in the street with some chick tells me all I need to know about his opinion of you. 
That is all (for now).


  1. Award shows are definitely not what they use to be!!!!!
    Hip Hop "beefs" are silly, there are many more important things going on in the world that need to be focused on.
    The kardashians . . . to each his own. They are doing them and you can't knock them for that.
    I didn't think Taylor Swift would be getting so many awards...I was surprised.
    Reality shows are for entertainment and Ray-J has to out do last season and keep ratings so I'm not surprised by anything on that show . . .I haven't watched the show but I have friends who do. I have no desire to see it.
    Joe Jackson . . . SMDH

  2. Taylor Swift - when it went down, I was like who dat is? She needs to thank Kanye for making her relevant,

    award shows have always sucked to me, except back when MJ was winning and performing at them. Otherwise, I could care less about a grammy. My music never got awards.

    Ray J and all the rest of those "dating" shows are ridiculous. Just say what it is. You aren't looking for love, your looking to hit as many of these girls as possible while being on tv.

  3. I'm over Blogger cuz I wrote a comment and it deleted it. CURSES!

    anyways I was just sayin we're clearly on the same ish. I couldn't point out a kardashian if I wanted to. Really. lol. Oh, and even when I was younger I could never understand the whole "fight over a boy" thing. It's like girls don't realize that there are billions of them hanging around. get another one. lol

  4. My thing is...people used to be famous for actually doing something lol. Design some hot clothes? Become famous. Hit some hot notes? Become famous. Play the heck out of a movie/TV role? Become famous.

    Now it's the other way around... people are famous for absolutely nothing lol, then use that to venture into the world of people who actually work to get fame lol!



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