"How Come He Don't Want Me?"♥

So I woke up a little earlier than I would have liked today...I've been sick and my Mom-n-law called to check on me...and instead of hopping back into bed and going to sleep, I hopped back into bed and watched Fresh Prince lol.
It was the episode when Will’s father popped back into the picture and acted like he was going to do all this bonding and traveling and whatnot with Will, and get the relationship that they’d never had back on track. Very sweet of him…until he ends up leaving Will once again.
Very good episode.
The end always makes me tear up. Will goes off into this rant about how it’s OK that his dad left, and how he doesn’t need him anyway.
But wait…after the rant, Will breaks down and the final line is “How come he don’t want me, man?”…..{and scene!}…yes, I got teary-eyed.
I know this is just a TV show, but we all know that the situation is very real.
So basically, I just want to say that children know. They know when a person loves them. They know when they’re being paid attention to. They know when they’re your top priority. They just…know.
I don’t know the feeling of being a mother yet, but I know the feeling of being a child. Trust me on this.
Every single child who has grown up in a single-parent setting (with little or no contact with their absent parent) has wondered “How come he/she don’t want me” at some point(s) in life. Whether they voice this curiosity or not. No matter how good a parent they are being raised by. You can be the best mother in the world, but that doesn’t make you a father. A father needs to play that role. This doesn’t take away from your greatness as a mom, it just stands apart from that other void that only he can fill. Of course, the same goes for single dads. There will always be a void that their mom needs to fill.
If you’ve got children, take care of them. It matters. Financially, they need you. But it’s even more so, they need your physical presence. Your emotional investment in them WILL affect them in the long run. You being present and influential in their lives will help them form concrete memories upon which their character can build. Whether these memories are good or not all depends on the way you raise them…but being there really is a good start.
If you don’t have children…think before you make some. It’s selfish and unfair of you to bring any new life into this world that you’re unable or unwilling to nurture and love with every ounce of your being. If you're not going to nurture seeds, don't plant them in the first place!



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