Girl, Eat that Sandwich...♥

Today in my Women and Gender Studies class, a guest lecturer spoke to us about eating disorders, disordered eating, and self-esteem issues, in both women and men. Mainly women, though, because we’re better it’s a WGST course.
A promo for the Tri Delts' Fat Talk Free campaign stuck out to me, because it’s part of their call to end “Fat Talk” amongst women. Fat Talk is the emphasis we put on ourselves and on others about weight in everyday conversation. Some examples of Fat Talk:

“Honey, do I look FAT in this?”

“Hey, you look great. Have you lost WEIGHT?”

“I’d love to go swimming, but my suit makes me look PUDGY…”

"Ugh, if I could just LOSE 3 POUNDS, I'd be happy."

We could talk for days and days about how the media and society influences body images, especially among women. The reality is that there is no “ideal” weight that every woman needs to strive for, because we’re all made differently. Health is what we should strive for, not an unobtainable weight that we see in (usually) photoshopped magazine ads and on starved models who are “thinner than about 98% of most American women.”
The video is kinda cool. It made me think. Which is the whole point of learning, right? Enjoy!



  1. hahaha I just love the title. lol

  2. Lol, it's crazy because I said that to a girl in my class. She's one of those carb-counting white prissy suburbians, and was looking like she was gonna fall over, but didn't want to partake in the food because she'd "had her carbs for the day".... girl what? Lol. It's college. Free food. Eat, b*tch.
    {maybe that shoulda been my title lol.}



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