I can't stand ign'ant ass people. 
I'm sorry, but Thursday is my long day, I'm in class from about 9 AM til 9 PM. That's a whole lot of time to see a whole lot of ish that makes me wanna smack a whole lotta crap out of a whole bunch of people.
Anyway, I'm in one of my classes, and it's a lecture hall, so I sit way in the back, where there's a seat by itself. I'm slightly antisocial when it comes to classrooms full of nasty, germy, nose-picking, ear-digging, swine flu infested people. So getting to class extra early to maintain my coveted seat is well worth it.
I digress.
So while I'm chillin' in my corner, taking notes on my beloved John Coltrane♥♥♥♥♥, some hoodrat sitting in the FIRST ROW has the rude ass audacity to answer her cell phone in the MIDDLE of my teacher's lecture! Not in a whisper, or any other slick, playing-it-off type of manner. Just answers her phone. As if this TA isn't in the middle of a sentence. What?
Where do these bitches people come from?? Who raised you?
Then, as if that wasn't ign'ant enough, she gets an attitude when the teacher calls her out!
("Umm could you not answer your phone in the middle of class?")
I think the request is rather reasonable...don't you?
I mean, I could see if the circumstances were emergency-related, but the chick hung the phone up, so obviously the phone call wasn't too important.
Ugh. I can't deal with people. I was SMH so hard. Eye rolling. All lat.
Welp, that's my rant for the day.


  1. I think I snorted at "where do these bitches come from"

    They get it from they mama! Or they granny! or whoever the hell raised em all stupid. The saddest part is seeing the parents of some people, and it's like DAMN. they kid never had a chance. lol

  2. I couldn't be that teacher. That would be a letter off the final grade. Do it again, and then its 2. Shouldn't have to tell college students how to act.

  3. Lol Selah. She's such a mess. She doesn't like me, because in the 1st week of class I sat in the first row and I'm a big girl, so I need my armrest. So she and her lil 27.5 pound friend came and sat right next to me, and instead of the skinny one sittin in between, this girl sat her big ass in the seat right next to me!! Had me all squished! Then got mad when she said something to me and I ignored her (excuse me for trying to listen and get my tuition money's worth!)
    Ugh. Tacky.

  4. LOL. You gotta learn the technique: when you sit down in your seat you put your backpack in the seat next to you. If I'm feelin extra funky I'll even put a jacket on the OTHER seat next to me... and give you the evil eye if you even fix your mouth to ask me to move my ish. lol

  5. Lol, you know I'm one of them "too-cute-for-a-bookbag" students lol. I carry my stuff in my big purses! And knowing these hoodrats, they'll be done tried to move my bag, then I'll be inclined to cut them, and of course their mamas will be trying to sue and....yeah lol.

  6. bookbag? Well, I know you're not from California. LOL

    And I'ma need for you to control your violent tendencies mmkay? lmao. shoot the lil hoodrats will prolly be just as gully lol



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