For the Babies...♥

So I've read that Angelina Jolie is planning to adopt yet another child (this will make lucky number 7), from Syria this time. I think it's great. I'm a big fan, and I don't care how cooky people think she is! I think it's crazy, however, that people are criticizing her for it. It seems like someone always has something to say when Angelina makes an addition to the Jolie-Pitt clan, but honestly as long as she's willing and able to take in these children, what's the big problem? Do you know how many children in the world are orphans, and need a family to take care of them? Half the people who are complaining probably don't take care of their own kids, or know someone else who doesn't! So as long as there are people running around pulling 'Brenda-Got-a-Baby' scenarios, I don't have a problem with anyone stepping up and trying to help a small portion of these children!


  1. I tend to agree. At least she's not leaving 2 and 3 year olds alone in the house while she goes shopping with her crackhead aunt at CitiTrends while the children burn up in a damn house fire. That's a true story by the way...straight outta Memphis. *smdh*

  2. This is so true. I agree. It's not like she's taking them in and making them work in sweatshops or do excessive manual labor in her home as indentured servants.

    She is taking care of them well (given their lifestyle and budget) so it's illogical that people should be complaining this much.

    She keeps this up, I'll nominate her for sainthood.

  3. Lol you're right. but I think part of the reason many people criticize her for it is because she's taking all these kids from 3rd world coutntries (although its very commendable), when there are soooo many kids in america who need a home too. lol

  4. You're right, Eddie, I have heard that argument used against people who help non-American children (i.e., Oprah). If you ask me, most of the people complaining have never been to a shelter where homeless orphans live, or to a place like New Orleans where there were a bunch of misplaces kids. Children that need help are everywhere. Why criticize those who care enough to do SOMETHING when you're doing nothing?

  5. this pic cracks me up. ... and I agree, I say just let her do her thing.

    And uhmmm I'm need for you to get a followers box or something cuz i don't never know when you post something new LOL



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