FB vs. Twitter♥

It is very strange to me that all I do on Facebook is change my status, and read everyone else’s status (well, except those that I ‘hide’ because they always contain some insane level if ign’ance).

This is only strange to me, because I tried Twitter, which in essence is like changing your FB status all day long lol…and I didn’t like it. Twitter did absolutely nothing for me. I could care less about what celebs are doing throughout the day, they’re not my personal friends lol. And my personal friends/acquaintances who have Twitter have synchronized FB and Twitter status updates. What’s the point of both when you’re going to put the same thing on them? Lol. That’s like twice the work! Lol.

1 comment:

  1. I feel you. the thing about me is I don't give a damn what ANYbody is doing. And if I didn't care what you was talkin bout on myspace, didn't care what you was talking bout on facebook, then WHY would I care what you are talking about on twitter???? LOL



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