♥Dear Mall Rat...

I can't take it...
No matter how short, long, straight, curly, multicolored (wtf?!?!), or cute you think your quickweave is... It's not.
As you walk past us, in your Coogi (from head-to-toe) and your K-Swiss, with your overly-huge, tarnished hair-store earrings, the only thing we're all thinking is "Who the heck procreated, and why'd they nix the condom".... You look like you stuck your head into a furnace and then various colors melt over the final product. Please stop...Thanks in advance on behalf of society.
Love Always,
Pretty Pacino...

PS: Where did this quickweave phenomenon come from??? (I know it's not new, but gosh I was really hoping it would have went away a lot sooner)... They're not cute. At All. EVER!! Why is your mom wearing one??? She's 60! Her hair should NOT be pink and purple with a blue bang! I know she thinks it looks da bomb with her striped velour sweatsuit, but it's just wrong... on more levels than I even have time or energy to discuss.
Ugh, I'm done.


  1. I have no idea what a quick weave is, but if it's represented by that skittles picture, I'm gonna have to just say no! Chris Rock didn't show those in Good Hair. LOL

  2. Lol, yes that hair in the pic is called a quick weave! You've never seen a girl walking around with hair that's a LITTLE too shiny and straight, and her hair line is so straight it looks like someone drew it on? Lol... if so, it was probably a quick weave!

  3. ROFL! that's sooo embarassing!




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