Change Comes Eventually...?♥

Is it possible to change someone once you’ve entered a relationship with them?
Imagine how many people (read: women) have been heartbroken because they fell for their significant other, excusing major flaws that they felt they could ‘change’… I mean, granted, there may be things a person is willing to work on in an attempt to gain your love, but I don’t think it’s reasonable or realistic to try to mold someone into a completely different person, just because you want them to be. If that’s the case, why not just stick to your guns and seek out a person who already possesses the qualities you’re trying to force on someone else? Chances are, there isn’t any one person who encompasses EVERY thing on your list of the perfect mate, but why sell yourself short and fool yourself into thinking you can create that desired level of ‘perfection’? It all seems like a set-up for heartbreak to me…

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