Boring Day...♥

Yeah, I really don't have much to say today...
It's crazy because I usually have like 2+ posts per day (lol) but today I'm just...blah. 
I've got some randoms, though.

I'm crampy... and I know certain people have said they don't want to hear about stuff like that (lol), but it is relevant to my current state of mind! So...yeah!

I miss Christian (boyfriend) a lot... like a lot a lot. It's one of those days... long-distance lovers will know what I mean.

I'm kind of heartbroken about that little girl Shaniya being found...and the circumstances surrounding it. Sometimes I question the field I'm studying to be in, because some cases just get to you...I wonder if I'll ever be ready for that...

My Christmas list: a leopard Snuggie!
any season(s) of Criminal Minds and/or CSI: Miami on DVD... *I have a secret crush on Horatio Caine!
Some QT with my cutie...(corny, I know...but really, all I want for Christmas is him...)

Mo'Nique's show is starting to grow on me...but she's still a loud lil' something...

I hate it when birds poop on my windshield... I blame the little wannabe player who just moved into my apartment complex. Why? Because his groupie hoes female friends come over here taking up parking spaces that are for those who actually pay rent, leaving us to have to park on the side by the big tree filled with chirping poop factories! Hhmph!

I can't wait to get my degree... I know the Bachelor's is like the new diploma, but I'm just so over Undergrad right now...I feel like I'm high school on steroids. Grown ass, fast ass, simple ass kids. SMH...


  1. I'll just take that first random as a blog shout out. LOL

    I'm pretty jaded towards most stuff, but bad things happening to kids really messes with me.

    Word? A leopard snuggie? Be sure to post a picture so I can mock and point derisively. LOL

  2. It was! I meant to link you, but then I got a phone call and
    Things with kids are the worst, to me they just show how low the human race can do some of the things people do to one another.

    PS: When I get my Snuggie, I'll DEFINITELY be posting pics!! Lol!



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