The Best Love Letter I've Ever Read...♥

The video below pretty much speaks for itself, but for those who just don’t get it, this artist, Jasiri X, is dedicating this piece to Debra Lee, the current CEO of Black Entertainment Television. Jasiri X is ON POINT, if you’re into the whole truth-speaking, consciously lyrical thing. If you aren’t, you need to wake up.
Listen to the track. Support the artist. He embodies what real hip-hop was and still is, no matter how miniscule the mainstream attention is. Here's his YouTube. Google him. Whatever you need to do... You won't regret checking him out!

We spend so much time listening to what we’re TOLD is “hot”, instead of listening to real music and deciding for ourselves. I touched on the issue of conscious hip-hop artists not selling in a previous post, and this is why. It’s hard to hear what’s real in a world run by white corporate men who make their living off of making Black people look like damn fools on a network that’s supposed to uplift us and celebrate our culture. White men who stick a few token Black faces on their payroll but still remain behind the scenes making all the decisions that affect what we see on TV everyday (if you choose to watch the foolishness). I mean honestly, have you ever thought about the limited images of us that are presented on television? We can argue all day long that there are images of white people on TV that are pretty disgusting, but does that correlate with the number of hot-mess images of black people on TV? No. Especially when you can count on one hand the networks that actually represent us as a whole... and the images we put out are the Frankies, Neffies, and such... I know those are supposed to be representative of "real" Black people, but gosh...We could do and be so much more… yet we’re limited to what puts the most money into the pockets of certain people. Unfortunately, modern day shucking and jiving are the cash cow these people are banking on, and even more unfortunate is the fact that we’ve been too brainwashed to even want to see it.  Even the Black faces who have the power to change things seem to be content with these representations of our people, and there you have the above video dedicated to the lovely Ms. Lee.
We’ve bred a whole new generation of kids who don’t see anything past the surface, because that’s all today’s media shows them. Champagne-sipping, booty-shaking, money-tossing niggas, bitches, and hoes.
So who’s to blame? The networks for airing it? The artists for making it? Or the viewers for not knowing any better?…

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