Backhanded Compliments♥

Today, I was approached by a man who, after asking my name, attempting to obtain my phone number, and dismissing my revelation that I'm in a relationship, proceeded to tell me that I looked like a "Big ass Barbie"....
{insert b*tch slap}
No, but really...what? First of all, I don't do that whole backhanded compliment thing. Either you think I'm a fat ass (insult) or you think I'm gorgeous (compliment) or that I was dressed cute (again, compliment)... Either way, he looked like a broke ass wannabe Ken. So....that's what I addressed him as. Since I'm Big-ass Barbie, he was Broke-ass Ken... needless to say, the conversation pretty much faded from there. Lol.
I can't stand someone who either doesn't know or doesn't care enough to think about their words before opening the bottom hole in their face and letting BS flow out of it. Other statements that piss me off:
"Damn, you're fine as hell for a big girl!"
"Oooh, she's cute for a dark-skinned girl."
My personal favorite: When a guy approaches you and says all the nice things in the world...until you reject his advances. Then you're all types of fat, ugly, stuck-up b*tches and h*es! How fat, ugly, and stuck-up was I when you were asking for my digits? Creep.
Why can't someone just be attractive? Obviously if a female is aesthetically pleasing enough for you to approach her, then the insults are unnecessary! Not to mention tacky and ignorant! 


  1. I TOTALLY feel your pain...

    Had this one dude just about cuss me out because I didnt respond to his "compliment" which was "damn you got a fat @ss..."

    Just ignorant I tell ya!!!! ::shakin my head::

  2. Yeah, apparently ign'ant triflingness is supposed to be appealing and attractive to us, so of course we should respond with gratitude! SMH...

  3. Ok, Id be totally upset if someone was called a big ass barbie. fuck him.

  4. He looking for the girls with low self esteem. Methinks he got the wrong one.

  5. Rashan: He did have the wrong one, because I'm thee furthest thing from what he was looking for!

    Khaki: My sentiments exactly!!

  6. that was harsh, but i feel this post..esp the 'oh you look beautiful for a dark -skinned girl'



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