Who Are You? ♥

How often do people do things for themselves?
I’ve noticed that so many people do so many things to satisfy/attract/out-do others…
But how many people do things just for the satisfaction of doing it?
We get dolled up, dressed up…to impress others.
Not saying we should start bumming it out…
But when I get up and fabulosify myself each day, I have fun with it.
I have a process, filled with music, dancing in the mirror, sweet-scented shower gel and perfumes…
All to make ME feel good.
The music I blast in my car, or from my iPod are sounds that make ME feel good.
Not what Terrence and Rocsi tell me I should listen to. {Shout-out to AJ & Free, tho!}
I just see so much frontin’, so much fakeness…
Why can’t you just be YOU?
I think the world (or at least my world) would be so much more intriguing if people would just…be.
Who are we trying to impress?
And what makes us so impressed with certain things?
Ignorance and lack of ambition does not impress me.
Bad manners and misogyny do not impress me.
Squandering tuition money to drool on classroom desks does not impress me.
Rocking the latest urban gear does not impress me.
Having thee most exclusive weave and rocking plastic jewelry do not impress me.
Emulating what you see on the tube does not impress me.
Do people even know who they are anymore, or is it just a matter of who they try to portray?
Once we get rid of all that extra, what‘s left?
What are the makings of you?

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