Ummm, Hater Much? ♥

Why do people continue to hate on Rihanna??? Every time I see her on a website, someone's either dwelling the Chrihanna scandal (let it thee fuck go!!!), questioning her wardrobe, or now it's criticizing her hair, saying she needs a touch up lol!!! I honestly think that it's human nature to want to feel better than someone. That's my theory until proven otherwise! But really, I mean think about it. You can walk out of your house, looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks...but as soon as you lay eyes on someone else who might be feeling them self just as much, you turn your eyes up, suck your teeth, and sigh. Lol... don't lie, you've done it. Because as fabulous as you think you are, you can't stand to see someone who might be feeling more fabulous than you Why is this?
I think people hate on Rihanna because she's so damn fierce and she does what the hell she wants. She wears what she wants. She's who she wants to be. Regardless of what you think and how the hell you feel about it! I love it {Wendy voice} lol!! You'll become well acquainted with the fact that I adore Rihanna! Lol...I'll admit, I used to have the hater face on, but when she let go of that image that her labels and execs wanted her to have, and became her true edgy self...I think I may have fallen in LoVe!!! {and I say that in the most no-homo-ish way possible lmao}...she's just the ShiT. Plain and Simple!!♥ Now back to the matter at hand::: I constantly notice Black girls/women with this hater mentality...NOT saying that other people don't have's just that right now I'm living in a predominantly White area Black people notice each other in a crowd easier lol. It's like magnetic pull making you see the other Black people in the vicinity wherever you go, because they stick out of the sea of White people you're swimming in every day! Lol... so my question is, why are there only a select few of us who'd rather give a compliment than an eye roll? Is it an Alpha female thing, is it an "I wanna be the most fabulous Black girl in the room" thing? What is it? I'd really love to know!

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