There's Some ____ in this House...♥

One of my biggest issues with men lies in the fact that, for the most part, when men settle down, they want it to be with a woman who’s been ‘around the block’ as little as possible. This is understandable, as I’d hate to be a guy walking through the grocery store or the mall with his woman, wondering why every male within a 10-mile radius is giving him that ‘look’. You know, the look that says “Oh, you wifed that hoe? Dang, homie…”. Then again, I’d hate to be the woman having to give all these men the “I know I let you hit, but please don’t blow up my spot” look. Smh...
I’m all about equal opportunity criticism. When guys say all females are hoes and sluts, my initial thought is “Well who made her that way?”. I mean, one can’t become a slut by flying solo, right? It takes two (or three, or four, or five, or fifty…depends on who you’re dealing with) to earn this title. For every female who’s referred to as a hoe, there’s a line of men who made her that way. (There may be a few women sprinkled in the line, too…once again depending on who you’re dealing with)… As I said, I’m all about the equal opp. So ladies, for every man we refer to as a hoe, there’s a line of women (tally marks may be more applicable) who helped him earn that title.
Of course, we all know that a woman is more likely to hold the “hoe” title than a man is. Double standards, yadda yadda yadda. I’m not excusing ho-tivity in any way, shape, or form…I’m just wondering why people can’t see it for what it is? There are men who like to do a lot of women, and there are women who like to do a lot of me. It’s really that simple. Now, our definitions of a “hoe” may slightly vary, but I think we can agree that the question of “how many is too many” does not bring forth the same response for both genders. If a man and a woman are sleeping together, do both parties get a tally mark next to their name on the Hoe Chart? Does the woman get a whole mark while the guy gets a half? I don’t understand the correlation…clearly, there are men out there who are having sex with these ‘hoes’. Or else, they wouldn’t be hoes, right? All I’m saying is, don’t go sheet-hopping with all the hoes then expect there to be mass amounts of virgins left for you to choose from when you finally decide to get married. Why should you get to settle WITH a nice, wholesome lady when she has to settle FOR your ol’ used up, broke down, tramp-ish self? Where’s the fairness in that??? Think about it…

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