Spotlight: Melanie Fiona♥

Sooo some of my friends have heard me ranting and raving about this lady for awhile now, and since she performed on the Wendy Williams show last month (fabulous, by the way!), now many more people are beginning to hop on the 'wagon (you know how we do lol)...but any who, Melanie Fiona's song "Give it to Me Right" is clearly a hit! Other favorites of mine include "Somebody Come Get Me", "Island Boy", and "Bang Bang". So I decided to do a little Spotlight on Miss Melanie, just to bring y'all up to speed, so you can stop sleeping on her!! PS: Melanie's album The Bridge is fabulous, so grab a copy, and enjoy!!♥
Melanie Fiona hails from Toronto, Canada. Her parents are Guyanese immigrants, and Melanie grew up listening to her father play guitar with his band. Melanie's music is an amazing blend of her Caribbean roots, classic soul, and R&B with a side of Pop. It's hard to fit into one box-sized category, which makes it all the more refreshing and lovely to listen to! Melanie toured last year with Kanye West, before her album had even been finished. She's currently on tour promoting her album, The Bridge, so check her website for a show near you! If you haven't heard her music by now, you can scroll down to my music player (at the bottom of this blog). She's adorable! I listen her music EVERY morning when I'm getting dressed. It just makes me wanna get pretty and fabulous for the day!

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