Sounds of MY Blackness...♥

I’m Black.
I take issue with people who think that’s a problem.
I also take issue with people who do dumb shit, and expect me to condone/approve/sympathize because we share ethnicities…
“My brotha, my sistah”…
I don’t mean to be a bitch, but I have one biological sibling. He’s fourteen.
And even he has sense enough not to do some of the things I’ve seen people my age (21) doing.
I’m Black.
Don’t expect me to sympathize with your struggle…
UNLESS you’re doing something to change it.
As I am…
I’m Black.
Don’t think this gives you the green light to treat me like another bitch, hoe, hoodrat. trollop, skeezer, etc.
I am not.
I’m Black.
Don’t expect me to sit in the back of class with you,
And ignore the $7,000+ per year that is being paid for my education.
I’d rather be Black and educated than Black and ignorant.
My struggle is already hard enough and.
Though it may be beautiful…
I’m Black.
And I have enough on my plate without putting up with your shit, too.
Don’t expect me to be the one…
Even though we’re Black.

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