Pink is the New....Yellow? ♥

I was reading this article about PiNk taxis...and I love it!! They're sooo0000ooooo cute! I'm so intrigued, because I've actually never ridden in a cab before lol...A pink one is right up my alley! This makes me wonder, though, do people in places full of taxis (ie, the Big Apple) actually drive? Is there a point in even owning a car? Economically, what’s more practical: buying a car and paying for gas or paying cab fare? Are there like weekly passes and stuff for cabs or do you really have to come out of the pocket everyday? Are cars emphasized as much as they are here in the Midwest? Does a tricked-out ride really matter in the sea of bright yellow vehicles? Lol…random, I know…I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself if I had to hail taxis and all that every day…definitely would be in a state of shock lol. But on a serious note, these Pink Taxis are actually a company in Mexico, but hey, maybe the idea will spread. Their purpose is to provide 1) employment for women, with a female-only driving staff and 2) rides for women who are fed up with flirty, creepy male taxi drivers… I think it’s great. More power to them!

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