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Sooo I'm HIGHLY anticipating Chris Rock's upcoming documentary Good Hair. Are you??? As a Black woman, I'm so intrigued to see the movie, and it's been long overdue, since hair is such a taboo in our culture. The beauty of Black hair is that so many things can be done with it, and I'd love to see the variation of styles and standpoints this documentary has to offer! It's crazy because so many of us hear debates about whether to be 'Natural' or 'Everything Else', but really healthy hair is the main concern. Or at least, it should be. There are so many things that we can do to our hair, but how many of them are harming our African roots (pun intended)?
 I'm all for style and options and variation, but there is a line that some people should draw for themselves, because going bald (not by choice, but by breakage) all because you wanted to experiment with a hairstyle for a week is NOT a good look... Many people think that the term "Good Hair" only applies to Black people who are mixed with a lil' something (ie.." oh yeah girl, she got a lil' Indian in her family"), or people of entirely other races. Crazy, right? Tell me you've never seen a Black person with nice, healthy looking hair and wondered whether they were completely Black, or whether they were wearing a weave...Lol. Exactly. It's possible for Black people to have healthy hair, whether they sport that hair in braids, dreds, an afro, curls, or straightened. Or even if they're hiding it under a weave! It's all about how you take care of your hair. I was watching the Tyra show when Chris Rock and Nia Long were her guests, and they were there speaking about the Good Hair documentary. Tyra made a good point when she said that many stars and celebrities always wear a weave. So much so that you may not see their natural hair for years. If ever! (Then again, these tabloids can catch you anywhere if you're slippin!) But some people talk about how certain celebrities are probably bald-headed underneath their weaves, but in reality they may have healthier hair than all of us lol! Think about it, they have stylists who know what they're doing, and are trained to keep their natural hair healthy ALL while keeping up with the latest trends in hairstyles so that the celebrity is ready when the cameras start flashing. Their solution? WeAvE! It's the perfect way to be experimental with cuts, colors, and styles, and maintain your own hair at the same time. I think it's brilliant!
Beauty comes in so many shades, shapes, colors, and forms that it's ridiculous to think only certain things define beauty. It's becoming a cliche, but a good one...but True Beauty Comes From Within. Make that your mantra. If you need to, go listen to India.Arie's "I Am Not My Hair". It was part of the inspiration for this blog post, and she's one of those artists whose songs make you delve into that inner beauty that society and media don't always promote. So whether you fry it, dye it, blow dry it, wash and go, press and curl, braid it up, gel it up, weave it up....whatever...just make sure that your choices are healthy for your hair in the long run, and if you don't know what you're doing, save up that extra pocket change to visit the stylist every once in awhile! It's more than likely going to be worth it, and many are nice enough to give you tips on how to maintain your hair's health on your own. They know it's a recession and everyone can't come in to get their hurr did every week! LoL!


  1. I absolutely love this blog!!! It speaks on a different perspective of the "good" hair "bad" hair debate. I like how you supported personal choice....well HEALTHY personal choice. The movie however didn't touch too much on the actual beauty of natural hair and how to maintain it. It was basically an "all about weave" show to me lol. But its a step in the right direction non the less and I assume its purpose was to put at ease the feelings women have about wearing weave as well as an entertaining eye opener. =)

  2. Lol thanks, love! And yes, I'm all about the choice. I'm thinking of a new Follow me! And get that blog constructed! Lol



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