LBGT and Me...♥

It seems like the last couple weeks, I've been hearing more about Gay Rights and whatnot than usual (or at least I've been paying more attention than usual)... I guess I had never stopped and thought about how I truly feel about gay rights, gay marriage, etc. until recently. Sure, it's a big issue in society in recent years, but I'm all about the manparts LoL, so I never really got into all the hype... however, over the last couple weeks, and after hearing many viewpoints, my opinion is this::
Who are we to judge?!
I don't have any qualms with being a person who believes in God but is not opposed to gay marriage. I've had debates in which my own religious beliefs have been questioned, simply because I don't oppose this issue. But here's the thing: There's no one walking this Earth who can tell me about my relationship with my God. Not one preacher, teacher, Bible-toter, zealot, etc. My salvation is just fine, thank you.
I just believe in the theoretical separation of Church and State. This is my personal opinion, and I stand by it. Plainly put: Rights are a LeGaL matter. Religion is a PerSonaL matter. See how those words differ? EVERYONE in the WORLD does NOT PRACTICE RELIGION!! I know people would love to believe that everyone believes in their God and that we all are just one big happy Christian family. The reality is that there are people in this country who have no religious beliefs, or loose religious beliefs, or whatever. What right do we have to strip people of their LEGaL rights just to satisfy our RELIGIOUS beliefs?? You mean to tell me that if I were an Atheist, and I were gay, I couldn't get married to the love of my life because your Bible says its an abomination??? You know what I'd tell you? I'd tell you to Hell with your Bible. And those are not my feelings, whatsoever, but all I'm saying is that people should have the choice. It should not be made for them. I don't believe it's right to just say "Hey, we love God so you can't get married, whether you love Him or not!" It isn't fair. How can we sit here and throw the First Amendment around anytime we go on strike or decide to make a speech or write something...but then forget about the part of that VERY SAME amendment that states we have freedom of religion, and that the government should not "prefer one religion to another religion, or prefer religion to IRRELIGION"?
My Bottom Line: Whether or not we as individuals practice religion shouldn't play a role in the legislation of this nation.

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