It's Not Funny Anymore!...♥

This is the Lindsey Lohan I've come to know and love... circa 'Mean Girls', which happens to be one of my favorite teen movies ♥ However Lindsey's life is clearly in shambles, and I just wanna know WHY are PEOPLE MAKING FUN of HER and SHAKING THEIR HEADS at the TABLOIDS instead of GETTING HER HELP!!???!!! For goodness sakes, the girl is almost as hot of a mess as Britney was, minus the gold-digging husband and adorable babies. Lindsey needs help. I know prescription drugs are no joke, but I'm not really buying the fact that pills are the only thing she's on, if you catch my drift...Where are her parents??? Smh. This joke stopped being funny a long time ago, and as a real fan (of Mean Girls, at least) I really hope Lindsey gets help before it's too late! ♥
x0x0...smh ♥

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