In it For the Long Haul! ♥

I'm in a long-distance relationship. I've been involved with my love for the last 3 years (romantically) but we evolved from acquaintances to friends to best friends prior to "going steady" lol. So when someone asks me about my relationship, and they learn our locational dysfunction, I always get the "What the Hell" face lol. When they find out that my boyfriend is an athlete and member of a fraternity, it's even worse. Frequently asked questions?
1) Why did y'all decide to do that???
2) How do you know he's not cheating on you while he's all the way over there?
3) Do you have a little piece on the side to hold you over? {really? wtf!}
4) How do you keep up with him?
My answers remain the same...
We didn't set out with the idea to become long-distance loves. LoL. Who would do that to themselves?? Lmao. It just sorta happened.
I've never doubted in my mind that my boyfriend was being faithful to me. For one, he's never given me reason to doubt him. That's the problem with relationships today, we go into it thinking that men/women who cheat are the norm, and faithful ones are the exception. For me, I've learned that a strong foundation can completely erase all that. Had my love and I not bonded so much over the period of being friends and best friends, prior to entering a romantic relationship...we probably wouldn't be together. When we enter relationships right after meeting a person, we tend to present this image of what we think the other person wants to see. Think about it, how many times have you met a cutie and tried to act like you were the sweetest, hottest, most chill chick/dude in the world? Knowing good and well that you're a train wreck in the morning and a bitch in the afternoon? Lol....but really though?
It's easier when you've gotten to know...and I mean REALLY know someone...before getting romantic with them. All those things you would normally only tell your girls/homies/diary/journal are the quirks and things that help a person see the real you...and once you've seen someone's REAL self, the petty things don't seem so important in the process it takes to keep a romantic relationship together. That's where my love and I stand. Yes, we're hundreds of miles away, but he's got my heart and I know I have his. Nothing in between those hundreds of miles should change that, and if something were to change it, that would tell me that our foundation wasn't as strong as we thought it was!
So no, there's no "side piece" to hold me over lol...and as far as keeping up with him? We're both grown. College students. I work. He does sports and frat stuff. We have lives of our own, even though our lives are intertwined! I don't want to ever be that girl who calls and texts every second of every minute to see where my man is, who he's with, what he's doing, and what color his draws are lmao. It's unnecessary. And if you think about it, that kind of behavior breaks people up more often than keeping them together. Because I wish a ni**a would be questioning me like that! {enter: neck pop & an eye roll}
My point: When you trust and communicate with someone, anything is possible. Get to know them first. Their qualities, their goals, their needs and wants. All that... in the long run, already knowing that information should help determine IF you should be in a relationship with them, not HOW your relationship operates!

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