I Wanna Know...{Remember that song by Joe?} ♥

1. As a Jay-Z fan to thee fullest, how could I not realize that I'm completely in LoVe with his Rhapsody commercial?
2. Is being married ever going to become part of the criteria to be on a 'Real Housewives' series?
3. Do the true Alicia Keys fans still adore her, despite her current homewrecker status?
4. Don't you love how Oprah looked her current age 25 years ago, and looks younger now?
5. How stereotypically BLACK is BET's game show "Pay it Off"?
6. Would you still buy R. Kelly's music?
7. Don't you wish Trina would just....stop?
8. Where did Amber Rose come from? And when is she going back?
9. Does anyone else feel like Mo'Nique is screaming at you through the tube every night?
10. Is there a tattoo-less spot left on Dwayne Carter's body?
11. Aren't the women in Keyshia Cole's family like super-fertile?
12. How much money is going to be made off Michael Jackson costumes this Halloween?
13. What's in YOUR wallet?
14. Where are Destiny's other Children?
15. Can you stand the rain?
16. Where is Brooke Valentine?
17. Are you feeling the new Whitney Houston?
18. Why won't Amerie's career take off?
19. Would you torture yourself with another season of "I Want to Work for Diddy"?
20. Since EVERYONE goes on reality dating shows for exposure, why don't they just cut out the middle men/women and make a show about skanky hoes women trying to break into the industry

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