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If I could be at home during the 4-5pm block everyday, life would be almost perfect.
Tyra, then Wendy? Girrrrrl....(or boyyyyy, depending on who's reading this) lol. ♥
I absolutely love the Wendy Williams show, and I've read about people criticizing the type of celebrities that appear on her show...smh.
I'll honestly say, I like the fact that she does something different on her show. I can also appreciate her imfamous "no-holds-barred" attitude as far as interviews. I don't think it's as bad as people try to make it! I mean, if I were a celebrity, I'd rather go on a talk show and tell/defend my own business rather than letting tabloids ramble and make things up about me! I didn't hear the Wendy Williams experience too many times, but it's pretty common knowledge that she burned a few bridges back during her days as a radio personality...but she's here now, there's a whole new roster of celebrities out there now, and I love that her show isn't just another tabloid.
There are enough TV shows, tabloids, and paparazzi websites talking about the same 5 people day in and day out. At least Wendy has guests who are up and coming, or on shows and movies that actually require legitimate acting experience! Half the "A-list" celebrities that are in demand right now aren't famous for doing a damn thing beside showing their cookies and being rich! Reality TV has taken over and, although I'll admit that it's my guilty pleasure, I feel pretty bored with these people. The media has given some people WAY more than the 15 minutes of fame they should have received. When I see the Kardashians, Hiltons, and all these random reality-TV White girls who all look the same to me...I just turn the channel/page. Kudos to Wendy, because whether she's booking people she likes, or people she can get when no one else wants to do her show...I love it {Wendy voice}!

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