Fine and Mellow...♥

Music inspires me. Good music makes you sit/stand still, and just really listen....At that moment, nothing else is that important. All you have to do is shut up and just...listen. It's amazing. Music is one thing that has the power to make us feel. Music can calm you down, if you're riled up about something. Music can make you feel all sexxy and whatnot, on those days when you really don't (lol). Music can make you get pumped, for that party or club you're going to tonight. Music can get you mentally prepared, for that rough practice you're about to go to...Music has mad power. I love it!
There are so many dimensions to music, and the beauty is that there's Sooooo000000oooooo much to choose from! No one has to listen to the same thing, day in and day out. There are genres, sub-genres. Underground artists. Mainstream artists. Black, white, yellow artists....there's so much variety, and variety is the shit! At any given moment, I could turn my iTunes on and my shuffle will throw out some Jay-Z, some 3 Doors Down, some Billie Holiday, some Michael Jackson, some Miley Cyrus, some Common, some Juvenile (you know you loved you some Juve a few years ago), some Miri ben Ari (don't sleep!), some Talib Kweli, some Mary Mary (gotta get my gospel on sometimes)....the list goes on....
So why do some of us limit ourselves? Music has no limits. People give themselves limits, thinking that a certain type of music is "White people" music, or "Black people" music, or that's "played out" (even if the song is from like last month) lol...I like everything...and some people say that, but they really don't mean it lol. Some people don't ever really even listen to another genre of music until someone from their favorite genre does a mashup with someone. (i.e.: Linkin Park & Jay-Z's song Numb/Encore).
It's crazy, because I've heard that White kids are the main consumers of hip-hop music, yet getting a Black person to listen to something other than hip-hop is like pulling teeth lmao. I can't ride around bumping my Nickelback album the same way I bump my Nas album...well, actually I do... but can you imagine the looks I get lol? It's hilarious. I just think people should open their minds...Just let the music do it's job and take you where it wants to take's a good thing. Embrace it! Just in the time it's taken me to type this post, I've gone from the soothing sound of Billie Holiday's "Fine and Mellow" to one of my new favorites, "Already Home" off Jay's Blueprint 3. And I think that's simply amazing....

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