Come Back!!!!

Am I the only one out there who loved BET's show Harlem Heights? Perhaps lol. I miss it, and I wish it would return to the air!! Don't judge me! I mean, sure, the characters could have had a TAD more personality lol...but I got the idea of it. At least there was some portrayal of a different breed of Black people on TV for awhile! It's just sad that the people who probably needed to see that were the people who probably flicked right past Harlem Heights because it was too "boring" for them...Why is it that Black people only want to see our people on TV acting a damn fool? Then we complain about the image other people have of us. Here's the thing: it's all about the money in this world! If all we support is Black people on TV acting a fool, then that's all executives are gonna keep putting on TV! And if that's all the executives put on TV, that's what's going to represent our race as far as other races are concerned. I mean, let's face it: Many people don't know a Black person, but can sure name some from TV! Guess who they're gonna be able to name? Flava Flav, Real and Chance, some rapper, or some athlete. (I started to say Tiger Woods, but he's probably still not sure of his Blackness yet...) My point is that maybe Harlem Heights wasn't the best show ever, but I loved the alternative it showed as opposed to music videos, Cops, and VH1, where hot messes are running rampant....

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