Can You, like, Die Already?♥

To Whom it May Concern:
Can we PLEASE have a funeral for the word 'Swagg'? It's been in a comatose stage for quite some time now, and I'd love it if we could just pull that plug. I mean, auto-tune died. Who's gonna do the honors for Swagg? I'm sure we can find some willing party to assist. I'll give the eulogy myself.
Respectfully Yours,


  1. LOL! I can do without hearing someone saying they got swagg. I mean... if you have it, why must you say it?

    ... and are you sure autotune is dead? I just know that T-Pain has one more trick up his sleeve LOL

    oh yea and welcome to my blog. don't be a stranger :)

  2. Lol right! I haven't seen T-Pain and his "Big Ass Chain" in awhile...this may be cause for worry...



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